How Much?

Most things are given a certain amount of worth. Whether it be a person, an animal, or a necklace, everything has a worth. But is this true??

I really don’t understand how one person can assign another’s worth. Like, how does it make sense that if I’m bigger than another girl, or smaller, or taller, or whatever else, how does it make me less of a person than her? All people really are created equal, it’s what you do that defines your worth.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was dogs. It sounds off topic, but let me explain. Dogs have a lot of worth to their owners. Like a lot. I know for a fact that almost any dog owner who is a real, true dog lover would not sell their dog for all the money in the world. Dogs are worth a lot to people, although other people might not see why. Same goes for small things such as a ring or maybe a music box.

Well I just think it’s adorable how much people care for things. People are so protective and loving, and they get like that so quickly. So, if you love your stuffed pig, your 20 year old blanket, or maybe the girl next door, don’t think your weird. Everyone loves something the same way you do.


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