Do you ever stop to consider how many lives you have changed? I think about it a lot. People who have thought good things, and bad things about me as they walk by me. People who hate me, people who love me and all the things in between. I wonder how many times I’ve said something or did something that somebody will never be able to forget. I wanna know what I have done to people. I know that I’ve said mean things, and I’ve thought bad thoughts, but I know that you have too. I know that sometimes you say things about people who don’t really mean and I know who have said things that you really do mean. It’s hard to try your best and be positive all the time. Sometimes you aren’t good, but then again, nobody is perfect. Nobody has ever not thought one bad thought towards a person. So, rather than think of all the times you’ve hurt someone, think of the times you’ve changed someone’s life. I know for a fact that I have helped a lot of my friends through rough times. I know I’ve been someone’s friend when nobody else was there for them. I want to be a person people think of positively, and I know not everyone will see me that way, but it’s okay. I’ll just continue to try to be the best version of me I can be. There’s no going back, only forward, so you’re obligated to make the best of it.


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