What We Don’t Know.

This world is full of things nobody knows about. There are theories, secrets, and mysterious all around us. It really stresses me out. For example, what happened to the long lost “Croatoan” colony?? What lurks deep down in the ocean that humans can’t know about? What secrets are being kept from us?? I don’t know. Nobody does. This world is so unexplored. So many things still need to be discovered. Things need to happen. A huge change is coming with the next generation, hopefully it will be for the better. None of us know what is going to happen. It’s crazy just thinking about it. Not only is Earth a crazy space, what about actual space?? It expands miles and miles every second. We aren’t even advanced enough to get farther than our solar system. Nobody knows what could be out in space. There could be humans just like us somewhere else. Maybe a planet with Pokemon really does exist. We don’t know. Mysterious problems like this are waiting to be solved and yet, my teacher assigned me a coloring page last week. Yikes.


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