Not Really?

I guess lately it’s been kind of hard to not to think about you. Yeah you. The one who’s always by my side, always tapping my shoulder always reminding me that their here. I’ve gotten awfully used to your presence.

What’s even worse is now I expect you to be there. I’m always waiting for you to come around and when you’re not there, I feel empty inside. I don’t know what to do with myself without you. And yet, I try to get people to help me get away from you.

Except nobody could really help me get away from you. You act like a ghost. I’m the only one who sees you, but other people know you are there. It’s like you possess me. People can see you through me. I don’t like it.

I really don’t feel like my own person anymore because of you. I don’t have a single moment of privacy. Why have you become so fond of me lately?  Now that schools begun, you’re in all my classes. You walk with me through the halls, sit with me and lunch, and walk me home after school. Leave me alone.

I don’t want you here. I’m taking medication so you fade away. I’m stronger than you. You can’t grasp me forever. I’m talking to people about you. They’re helping me look away. Your reign in my life is over.

Okay so, in case you haven’t already guessed, this short story? Poem?? This, uh (fill in the blank) is about mental illness. I’ve struggled with them before, and a lot of my friends and family have too. It’s a really difficult thing to deal with. So, next time you here a person has any sort of mental disease, offer them some help. I’m positive that any person could save somebody else, they only have to watch for those who need saving.



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