Pay Close Attention

I feel like not that many people notice important details about people anymore. For example, my eyes are not brown. They’re hazel with flecks of gold and green, they look like beautiful in the sunlight. But nobody ever tells me that. I know that once again my hair isn’t curly. It’s wavy with ringlets and it’s completely wild all the time. I know that, but nobody tells me that. People shouldn’t be trying to break things down from their full potential. For example, you. You re not just a student in a sea of other kids. You’re  a beacon of potential and hope. The more you learn everyday gives you more and more hole in your eyes. I see the thought you put into how you present yourself. Not many people notice these little things. It’s important to know the little things about people. Those little things are like added bonuses to their personality. For example, I enjoy reading, and I love to surf. Maybe for you it’s that you love drawing or singing or dancing or whatever other thing in the world you enjoy doing. But really, make yourself known. It’s important to be proud of yourself and all the little things.


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