5 Minutes

How long does it take to make someone’s day? 5 minutes. I swear it only takes about 2 minutes to write a paragraph to your favorite person about how important they are to you. Last time I checked, it takes 5 minutes to call a friend and remind them that you are there for them.

It’s really important to keep in mind how much one little thing you do can affect somebody’s day. It could be anyone, even somebody you don’t know at all. Smiling at someone on the street, or even helping somebody pick something up will probably boost their mood everyday. If you’ve been having a bad day, you should try and make somebody else’s day better. After you do, you will feel better and you will improve that persons day.

A lot of people have a rough day everyday. It’s really difficult for some people to survive everyday. It’s important to remind people you love that you are there for them. Sometimes just a smile, or a happy message could make their day better. You never know what people are going through.

So, overall being a nice person pays off.

Something else I wanted to mention that’s unrelated to this posts title is that: I might not be posting as often. I’m going through a really difficult time in my life right now, and it’s hard for me to post 2 times a week. I will try to keep as updated as I can, though some posts may be short, I will try my best! I hope you have an absolutely lovely week!!


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