We are the illegals. The hidden soldiers. The people who can never be seen as themselves. It is frightening that in the year 2016, there are still people who wake up every morning, afraid to be themselves. It is absolutely insane that people still argue over the rights of other humans. Whether you are gay, Muslim, black, or anything people think is “unnatural” you should not have to be faced with people who are free to argue over giving people basic human rights.

Imagine having to wake up and go by a name that is not yours. Imagine having to be in constant fear of how the day is going to end. This is how they live. They live in pain, fear, and hopelessness. Nobody sees how bad their life is, or if they do, they turn away from it. The way people are treated is mostly ignored, or encouraged. When people are afraid of something, they do nothing to stop it.

You cannot let this fear consume you. Just because you are illegal and different, doesn’t mean you can’t take a stand. Be heard. Be as loud as you can and make a scene. There are so many people who face the same struggles you do every day. Find them. There are ways we can oppose this kind of behavior. Rebel and be who you want to be.

No longer live in fear of who you are. Instead, challenge the people who made you fear yourself. So many people are looked at in disgust. Too many people are shamed for their jobs, way of life, beliefs, and so much more. People in this world and discriminated against because of how they look. So, if I could change anything in this world, it would be the way people look at each other and treat each other. It is time we make a change.


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