Have you ever eagerly awaited something’s arrival?  Something like a package, a letter, or maybe a text from a friend? So have I. It gets really boring after a while. You open a chat with a friend, but type nothing waiting for them to text you. You sit outside by the mailbox every morning waiting for your package or letter. It’s not fun. Your heart is just full of wait. Wait can only be described as a feeling of want. Wanting is no good. Waiting and wanting, those are the worst pair of things to go together.

It’s really important for people to stop waiting and wanting. If your friend doesn’t text you, text them first. Who cares if you are the first to start conversations? If the mailman is not anywhere in sight, go back inside and start getting ready for the day to come. Waiting isn’t productive. It’s the best for you and the people around you if you make the best of your time. Waiting doesn’t get anything done.

You cannot wait for someone to come along and love you, you can’t wait for another person to hand you a job, your schoolwork, or anything else. You have to work to get it. So, what good is waiting? Drink tea, finish that last paper, and get work done. Trust me, it is way better than waiting.


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