The desire to be famous now days is found in almost every young girl, boy, or whoever else. Kids everywhere try to run blogs(me), become Instagram or Twitter or Tumblr famous, have a YouTube where they post videos of themselves, or do whatever else on whatever other app. It’s kinda crazy. At this point, you are probably like, “That’s not me!! Faith is crazy!!”. You’re lying to yourself. I know you have at least one time, recording yourself dancing or singing, created a secret meme account, or made a YouTube and posted a video. I know it.

It’s not like it’s bad. Even I’m doing it. Right now, as I write this I’m imagining this post getting hundreds of views and comments and likes, and people crowning me as their new queen. However, being crowned queen is a lot to ask for. Even being a movie star is already a 1 in 1,505,000. That’s pretty unlikely right? But, if nobody tried, nobody would get that one part or line. So, why give up?

Maintaining a blog is easy. However, getting popular is the hard part. But just because I may not be popular now, or ever, that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love. I love to write, but you may love to draw, sing, dance or whatever else. Just because you might not be the next Selena Gomez doesn’t mean you should ever stop trying. Continue doing what you love, and don’t stop no matter what the odds are.

After all, who knows? Maybe you will turn out to be the next Bill Gates. Just keep trying.


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