Why do girls ever become “too old” for princesses? Like, that’s cruel. If we can’t be one, we might as well love them our whole lives. You never have to stop loving Disney movies, or dressing up as a princess. The standards woman are expected to live up to everyday are incredibly terrible.

No matter what we do, we are always stereotyped. A girl can’t like pink, or “girly” clothes without getting ridiculed, but if a girl wears anything but that she’s considered strange. No matter what a girl does, it’s never enough. SO, I’m writing this to tell everyone everywhere, wear whatever you want.

There is no need to live up to unrealistic beauty standards have made. Literally, the only one holding you back from wearing a crop top is you. Wear what you want to wear. No matter what your weight, or body type, or whatever else. It doesn’t matter.

I felt that this was important to write because, too often I see groups of people making fun of a chubby girl for wearing a crop top. Or a boy getting made fun of for wearing a skirt. It’s not funny or cool or anything of the sort. It’s mean. If you think that it’s not okay for people to wear crop tops or skirts or makeup or what they want to, I have one question for you, which is: How does it affect you? People wearing what they want doesn’t affect anybody but themselves. Why can’t people just let other people be comfortable with the person they are, and the person they want to be.

So, to finish this off, I would just like to say, let people be themselves, and you will notice a lot of happiness in the world much more often then you do now.


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