I once read a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. It goes like this, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is something that truly is motivational to our generation. The world we currently live in is full of hate, dishonestly, and awful people. However, our new generation has been slowly changing that. More groups of people are getting rights, speaking out on what they think is right, and being more comfortable in their own skin. The race is not over yet though.

We need to be the change. Our world is full of racism, violence and anger. So, let us be known as the generation of love. Spread love to all those around you, do not be the one to spread hate. Sometimes it’s really hard to be nice to someone. Like that one kid at school or at work who you could easily punch in the face anytime now. It’s really hard. But, we have to. Being a good person is so much harder than being a bad person. But, being a good person is a whole lot better.

So, next time you have the opportunity to b kind to someone, take it. Compliment people for no reason. Being a nice person just takes a little word of kindness here and there. Be the person who you want to have as a friend. Be the person who takes the extra step to make someone’s day. Being a nice person is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

This also means to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to what you want. Keep yourself healthy. Push yourself to achieve your goals. Motivate yourself. Be yourself. Being nice to yourself is the most important thing you can do. Being your own friend is the first step to becoming a stronger, better person.

To conclude this post, I’d like to say, start today. Send a nice message to someone you like. Make somebody’s day. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Thank you to @builtbyflaws (on Instagram) for supporting and being a fan of my work. Loe you!! Also, thank you to everyone who has subscribed (about 10 people). You guys are all amazing!


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