It’s 4:00 AM. I’m snuggled beneath 4 blankets. Not a thing is moving, and the only thing I can hear is my breathing and my fan, and David Bowie’s songs. Personally, this is one of my most favorite things. Just being awake and alert when nobody else is. Seeing the world in a state of peace is just so magical to me.
I love this time. Especially because it’s only you. Nobody is around to make you talk or work or do anything. You can just sit and have a long hard think and nobody will be around to bother you. How wonderful is that?! 

It’s absolutely perfect. Even thought most of us should probably be asleep because we have things to do during the upcoming day. Eh, it’s worth it. 

It makes you think about that one person. Who’s always there for you. That one person who you love so much, you’d do anything for them. You think of them, and at 4 AM you smile. And you rest your head on your pillow. And your fall asleep in love. 


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