My Shoulder, My Choice.

Dress code has been controversial for a very long time. Why? It’s because everyone thinks that it’s the wearers fault that people get “distracted by their clothes. It’s unfair and absolutely ridiculous to make girls or boys change because their outfit is supposedly distracting. 

First off, if somebody’s clothes distract you, that’s your own fault. You shouldn’t force other girls or guys to change just because you can’t contain yourself. It’s unfair, and it’s not the other persons fault. 

Secondly, dress codes are usually aimed towards females, which is sexist and unfair. Typically dress codes are referring to girls more often than guys. It’s even true that girls get dress coded way more often than guys do, even if they wear the same clothes.

So, overall, what’s the point of even having a dress code?  People should be allowed to wear whatever they want. It shouldn’t matter if it tends to be “distracting” to other people. That’s their own problem. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t dress like yourself. 


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