I have not had any time to post because of school, so I’m going to explain why this shouldn’t happen. 

The term well-rounded is supposed to describe a kid who balances all aspects of their life including things such as; sleeping, being social, eating, going to school and completing homework, sports, extra curricular activities and much much more. However, after 7 after a of school and almost 6ish hours of homework on average every night, how are we supposed to be well rounded?

Students have to wake up at around 6:00 AM pretty much all over the U.S.A. That’s too early, first of all, so waking up early to do homework isn’t an option already. That also gives us less time to sleep at night. After school, most students have time for only two things, which is homework and one other activity IF they’re lucky. It’s ridiculous. Ususally even with just 2 acitivies they’re overwhelmed because of homework and end up staying up late.

So, my question is, why are we seen as lazy? Adults say we’re just not working hard enough or whatever. That’s really not the case. We need more hours. If not, we need less school work.

Sorry about not update for a while, I’ve been very busy with none other than homework and school.


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