Dogs are such wonderful animals. I’m blessed to have 2 of them. One is a Boston Terrier, and the other is a Chihuahua. I love them both so so so much. They’re both really cute and just great dogs.

I love all dogs. Any kind of dog is cute to me, whether it’s big or little, fluffy or not, I’ll love them. Dogs are so wonderful because even though we don’t understand what they’re saying, and they don’t understand us, we can still love each other.

Seeing dogs makes me so so very happy. Whether I see it on the street or in a car nearby it’s just so wonderful. They’re fluffy and cute and cuddly. They help their owners. 

Dogs love their owners unconditionally. You could have an awful day at school or work, but always come home to a dog that’s so happy to see you that it will pee on the floor!  There’s nothing better than that. Dogs are so silly. 

The point of this is to say, find something that makes you go !!!!! inside. Whether it be music, dogs, or maybe a TV show, you should always have something you know will cheer you up. It could be several different things or maybe just one. But it’s important to always have at least one thing that will make you happy, because times get hard. Something will always be there to bring you back up. 

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