Happy spooky day, to all you princesses, superheroes, ghosts and serial killer clowns(Kind of joking, kind of horrified). Anyways, I have a lot to share.

I personally, love Halloween. Who doesn’t want free candy? However, in the past about 2 years, Halloween hasn’t been the best experience. As a young girl, walking out with my friends in a public area is nerve racking. Walking by myself anywhere alone is scary. This is because of all the scary things and stereotypes about girls who walk alone and rape. 

Rape is no funny story. Once it happens, there’s no way back. What’s done has been done and there is no way for one person to change that. What’s even more scary is that it’s often blamed on the victim. How does that make any sense?? Good question, it doesn’t. 

So, not only do women (and men, but less than women because 1 in 6 women have been raped while 1 in 10 men have been raped.) have to worry about rapists at night, they also have to face demeaning comments from other girls and guys. Just this past year, I dressed up as broken doll. I wore everything black and did my makeup accordingly. Nothing was even the slightest bit revealing. However I was still approached by several boys who asked if “You want to make out with me?” or “Let’s go kiss”. 

How awful. Think of you’re daughter, you’re sister, you’re cousin, you’re best friend or yourself getting approached by a boy who you don’t know, asking to invade your privacy. It’s terrible, and nobody likes it. 

So, this is a message from me: Stay safe and be respectful this Halloween. Also, look great in your costume!! 

Happy Halloween!! 


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