Everybody in this world is different. They have different thoughts, perspectives, ideas and stories to tell. They all see things differently. No one person has been or ever will be the exact same as another. 

Nobody will ever see somethings the same as another person and that is just a fact. Down to the very last detail, there is different roots in a person. There is always something that separates them from anyone else. 

People’s stories cause them to be the person they are. They’re the only person who controls themselves, who can see inside themselves and interpret themselves. Some may need help, some may not. But everyone does it eventually. 

I’ve met so many people in my short life, and they’re all different. It’s fantastic to know that there are so many things to learn in this world and so many things to teach. There is always oppreotunity and hope. There is a chance for everyone. 

I hope everyone realizes that their story is important to me. No matter how long, how short, how boring, or how crazy it is, it matters. To me. And to so many other people. Everyone can grow up to do whatever they want and be who they want, no matter what their story says. 


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