What Have I Done? 

I’ve ruined my life. I’ve been to prison. I never graduated. My life is over. I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to suffer any longer. I don’t have friends. Im failing my classes. I’m a disappointment. I can’t. 

Too many people in this world “ruin their lives”. They do something, which is different for everyone, it could be maybe failing a class, losing a friend, commiting a crime, breaking up with a significant other or many other things. You can never ruin your life. Never. 

You can change your life at any second. No matter what you have done in the past, whatever you think is so bad about you and who you are, it’s already done. There is no going back. You cannot change what has already been done. That’s the hardest part of change. Accepting. 

However, once you realize that the past is in the past, you can see that a bright future can be reached. It all has to do with you. You can get a job. You can. You can pass high school, college, and any other class you ever take. You can. You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you work hard and never give up. 

Yes, there is no going back. But there always will be the opportunity to move forward. 

Never, ever give up on yourself. There is no point that you can reach in your life where there is no hope for a better tomorrow. You can make yourself smile. Everyone is going through hard, unimaginable things right at this very second. It hurts me to even think about what so many people have to endure every single day. It’s hard. It always will be. However, hard does not mean impossible. 

If you believe in a better tomorrow, it will come. Working hard and trying your best and never giving up, those are all things you can do. Work towards a better future. You can. 

(The beginning statements mostly do not relate to me, they are just examples. Thanks for reading!)


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