What Makes You Live?

I was watching T.V. when this question was asked during a commercial. It wasn’t any specia commercial that really stood out to me, because it was for medicine, and frankly, I don’t care. But then, they said, what makes you live?  And I looked around the room. And I was like, cool blogging idea. So, buckle up because here we go. 

For every person, there are different reasons to live. Without this thing, person, place or whatever else it may be, you wouldn’t see a point in life or want to live any longer. What do you think of?? A smell? A person?  A picture?  It’s different for everyone. 

There are lots of things I live for. One thing, that is always one of my top priorities is my dogs. I love them with my whole heart, and I would never ever willingly leave them. There are so many other reasons I live. Some being: my friends, my Mom, music, flowers, the future, beautiful views, the ocean, traveling, rollarcoasters, ice cream, and writing. 

It’s scary to me that people lose the things they live for so often. It’s ever worse when they are taken from you by someone else. I mean, wanting to take your own life or wanting to die is terrible. Nobody should ever have to feel that way. 

It’s so important to have reasons to live. Even if it’s the smallest, tiniest thing that gives you a itty bitty amount of hope or happiness or life, hold onto it. Because no matter what, your life is important. Everyone’s life matters. Nobody should feel as if they don’t belong or shouldn’t be living, even if they are a different race, religion, or look different, smile weird, or whatever other reason. 

Everyone’s life matters. 


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