The Civil Rights Movement. 

The Movement was nothing less than an act of heroic sacrifice. Martian Luther King Jr. was an amazing man who preserved through pain, racism, and pure hate in order to create the world we live in today. He dreamed of a world where people who were different could walk hand in hand and live peacefully. Thanks to his actions, we are able to live in this beautiful new country. Although we still have a long ways to go, Martian paved our path. All we have to do is keep cutting down the obstacles in our way to a hate free, racism free world. 

There are some people who are born with a purpose, with a chance to change the world. Martian Luther King Jr. was one of these people. He changed the course of our world, for ever person, in the last, present, and future. His success in his field brought a positive shade over the racism that had and still does capture our nation. He was not only a minister, but a poet, who shaped the minds of people big and small across the states. He created a way to fight against the hate with nothing but words. He promoted the idea that the only was to fight hate, was with love. 

Martian has every ounce of my respect. 


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