Hi guys!! I know it’s been a long time since I updated, but I have had a very eventful month so far, and haven’t found the time to write anything. Now that I lie here, sick in bed, I finally have time!  

To begin, I would just like to point out how our nation and quickly come together to support each other. Companies and businesses are offering medicine and other types of insurances to people while they are still avilable in our country. People have been walking together and marching with people they don’t even know in order to fight against the things they disagree with. I find it amazing and meloncholy to be in a time of such wonderful and supportive communities, who banned together in order to fight against a not so popular President. 
This country is facing much difficulty, however I do believe that with all the work that everyone is putting forth, and all the support everyone is giving, I think we can survive until this is all over. It may seem like forever, and it will be hard, but if we continue to support our friends family, and our neighbours we can make it through anything. 


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