Without a loser, there can never be a winner. However saddening, life-ruining or causally losing may be, it happens to everyone. It sucks. It really does. Some people tend to do it in more dramatic ways than others, but there is always some sort of loss everyone has taken in life. 

Honestly, to lose is to learn. It’s to learn to work harder and become better. If you don’t become better or understand why you lost, you can never improve. Losing can be two things. It can either be a learning experience, or it can be the end. The end is what many people come to, even after the most basic loss. They completely give up, melt down, and never try again. 

This is what people need to stop doing. If people were not deterred by losing, there would be many more successful people in this world. Nobody ever got anywhere by quitting. Although losing may be apart of the wort feelings of the world, you can’t make it your end. 


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