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At my school, I’m participating in a community service project, and I decided to incorporate my blog into the mix. I’m going to start posting things about anti-bullying just about every week, and if you can spread these posts around or send it to people who you think could benefit from it, please do. I want to show the world that bullying needs to stop. 

So, to begin I’m just going to explain basic bullying. When most kids think of bullying, they think shoving kids in hallways, name-calling, funny looks, rude notes, rude pictures, and lots of other things which mostly depends on personal experience. There are so many types of bullying, but it really comes down to two main types. Cyber bullying, and physical bullying. Lots of people are familiar with both of these, sadly. 

Cyber bullying is the most disregarded of the two types of bullying. Lots of people think it’s easy to avoid and just “shutting off your computer” will make it easy to put a stop too. However, cyber bullies can take the rumors that start online, and the comments and picture that are posted online and spread them and quickly turn the situation into physical bullying. So, although cyber bullying can be avoided by shutting  off your computer, it doesn’t go away. 

Physical bullying is something lots of people are more familiar with, and most people have experienced. Physical bullying is any kind of bullying that’s done in person. This can be name calling or actual physics violence. Physical bullying is so much harder to avoid, because sometimes r feels like there is nowhere you can go and that your just completely trapped. This isn’t always the case. 

There are very few places where people actually talk openly about bullying and how it happens everyday in our world. It seems as if people are completely disregarding people who deal with bullying, and leaving them to fend for themselves. There are ways that people can change this though. Don’t just watch. If you see bullying, tell someone, get in there and break it up, do whatever you have to do to stop it, just don’t become the bully yourself. This is the best thing to do that will stop bullying much more quickly than people think. 


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