We cannot disregard women’s feelings anymore. They are not “moody” because they are on their period. Feelings are valid, all the time, no matter what time of month it is. It’s awful to tell women to suppress their feelings because of a bodily function they have no control over. We can’t make women suppress feelings that they should be embracing. 

Men also experience a surge of horomones every month, just like girls. The surge of horomones that women experience every month has no correlation with the actual bleeding and periods. So it is false to claim that girls are moody because of their periods. Mood swings are considered symptoms of period because they happen at the same time. 

Teach boys and girls the exact same way. Don’t tell boys that girls are confusing and crazy women and that they can’t love princesses. Don’t tell girls they can’t like sports and shouldn’t wear revealing clothes. Don’t. 

Don’t invalidate anyone’s feelings, that’s not right. 


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