Educate me.

What am I being taught? 

We are being taught what, not why. I am being taught what, not how. We are being taught what to learn but not why we are learning it. You can judge the way I memorize information and how I regurgitate it onto tests. However you cannot judge the way I learn. Everyone learns a different way, and we are all taught the same way. Teachers mold the heart and touch the minds of students every single day that they see them, yet they are forced to teach the same thing every year with no customization to the class, and especially no customization to the students. We take standardized tests that don’t grade every student correctly.  We are made to be the same person.

We are not the same person. We are all different kids, with different lives and customs. Yet, we are sat in the same desks, given the same lessons and the same help. It’s only when we complain that teachers can offer individualized help. They don’t even get the time to help students during school hours. They teach after, before and during the breaks in school. Give teachers a break, and let them teach the way they should be. We are not all growing up to work in the same place, so why are we taught the exact same thing. I am not advanced, and I am not regular. I am a person and we shouldn’t be put into categories.

Our school system is broken, and what are we doing to fix it? Nothing. We can swear that the newest test will revolutionize testing, but it will all be exactly the same. We are not the same as the students from years ago, and we change every year as we grow older. So why, does nothing ever change. It is all the same. We can add technology and we can get rid of paper, but it will not change what we are learning. So stop. Change the system, make it original and new in a way that would help us actually learn. WE can learn how to do things and we can learn why we are doing things. Instead of telling us exactly what we need to do, and the expecting us to figure out the rest of our lives by ourselves, teach us why and how and what we can do to learn more.

I want to change the school system. I want more people to be creative and different and invent. If we continue to produce the exact same, shiny new graduates year after year, the world will stay in the destructive and terrible state it’s in. Make a new world with a different group of students and a better education system.


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