Why America is Losing It. 

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are happening every single day. People need to get it OUT of their heads that all Muslim people are related to Isis. That’s untrue. Just because they share a religion does not mean they share mentalities. In fact, most Muslim people hate Isis. Muslims are the main people who are being affected by Isis too. Not only are they the ones who are killed the most by Isis, but it also causes people to hate Muslims for no good reason. 

 Also, the government is taking away healthcare, angering other countries, and making the public completely unsafe. They are working to take away Obamacare which can result in hurt for millions of Americans who are only alive because of the healthcare they have. http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/02/news/economy/repealing-obamacare-health-insurance/index.html

We have to speak up and talk about what’s happening right now, otherwise nothing will change. Not only that, but we’re also killing our environment. http://m.hindustantimes.com/world/earth-day-ten-facts-that-prove-our-planet-is-dying-a-slow-death/story-Y7lkdPzZmxQHMxfUb9ohoI.html

The planet is going to be unable to sustain us if we continue to treat it poorly. We are all going to die sooner if we do not start working together to end all the awful things happening in our country, NOW. 


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