High school is overwhelming. How do teacher think we have enough time to do all the things they want us to do?? They expect too much from us, and have to remember that, although we should be respected and given independence, they can't assign us with loads of homework and expect us to get it [...]


Parents hold a soft spot in almost every child's heart, sometimes it's not for the right reason though. There are millions or children around the world out in foster care or who have abusive parents. Children like these do have a soft spot for there parents, but sometimes it's more like an empty hole  parents [...]

Why America is Losing It. 

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are happening every single day. People need to get it OUT of their heads that all Muslim people are related to Isis. That's untrue. Just because they share a religion does not mean they share mentalities. In fact, most Muslim people hate Isis. Muslims are the main people who are being affected [...]