I saw a post online that claims you can achieve your dreams at any age. I think this is so true.  People have graduated high school at ages 98, people have been to college as a 40 year old, and it's all to achieve their dreams. The world is in your hands. Nothing is going [...]

New Years!!

Happy New Years!!   Everyone starts the year differently, but the first thing I do, is breathe in, breathe out, and smile. Nothing is better than starting your year positively.  So this New Year, stay positive!! Look on the bright side of things and do your best to keep your head up. Whatever your resolution [...]

Pay Close Attention

I feel like not that many people notice important details about people anymore. For example, my eyes are not brown. They're hazel with flecks of gold and green, they look like beautiful in the sunlight. But nobody ever tells me that. I know that once again my hair isn't curly. It's wavy with ringlets and [...]