Parents hold a soft spot in almost every child's heart, sometimes it's not for the right reason though. There are millions or children around the world out in foster care or who have abusive parents. Children like these do have a soft spot for there parents, but sometimes it's more like an empty hole  parents [...]



I think that a lot of people, when thy think of bullying, also think of suicide. I feel like lots of people don't know how serious suicide is. It's not something very passive and it's not weak, it's a desperate grab at happiness for someone who doesn't feel it anymore. It's something I never want [...]

Service. (1) 

At my school, I'm participating in a community service project, and I decided to incorporate my blog into the mix. I'm going to start posting things about anti-bullying just about every week, and if you can spread these posts around or send it to people who you think could benefit from it, please do. I [...]


What Have I Done? 

I've ruined my life. I've been to prison. I never graduated. My life is over. I can't do this anymore. I don't want to suffer any longer. I don't have friends. Im failing my classes. I'm a disappointment. I can't.  Too many people in this world "ruin their lives". They do something, which is different [...]



Everybody in this world is different. They have different thoughts, perspectives, ideas and stories to tell. They all see things differently. No one person has been or ever will be the exact same as another.  Nobody will ever see somethings the same as another person and that is just a fact. Down to the very [...]



I really think people have a difficult time telling how they affect other people, even if it's laid out right in front of them. If there's one thing everyone should know, it's how to respect other people and how to avoid hurting other peoples feelings. However, it doesn't seem like anybody knows. Everybody has been [...]


Not Really?

I guess lately it's been kind of hard to not to think about you. Yeah you. The one who's always by my side, always tapping my shoulder always reminding me that their here. I've gotten awfully used to your presence. What's even worse is now I expect you to be there. I'm always waiting for [...]