Parents hold a soft spot in almost every child's heart, sometimes it's not for the right reason though. There are millions or children around the world out in foster care or who have abusive parents. Children like these do have a soft spot for there parents, but sometimes it's more like an empty hole  parents [...]



Without a loser, there can never be a winner. However saddening, life-ruining or causally losing may be, it happens to everyone. It sucks. It really does. Some people tend to do it in more dramatic ways than others, but there is always some sort of loss everyone has taken in life.  Honestly, to lose is [...]


Winning is an amazing experience, we're you feel as if all in the world is right and the stars have aligned in your favor, especially when you win something important. But if there is a winner, there also must be a loser. It sucks to lose. It feels like the universe itself came out to [...]


What Makes You Live?

I was watching T.V. when this question was asked during a commercial. It wasn't any specia commercial that really stood out to me, because it was for medicine, and frankly, I don't care. But then, they said, what makes you live?  And I looked around the room. And I was like, cool blogging idea. So, [...]



Imagine what would happen, if you smiled at one person everyday. That's 365 days in one year, so let's assume that in one year, you smile at 365 people. That's 365 different stories, motives, lives, thoughts, dreams and more. If you can smile at one person a day, you make a big difference. You make [...]


What Makes Women Beautiful?  

To start, everything. Their eyes and all the different shades they come in. Their bodies and everything that makes one different from another. Their faces and anything on them. The way they dress. I have never met a women who isn't beautiful.  To all the girls reading this who think "except me", you're wrong. This [...]



What is magic?? There are so many different kinds of answers to the question. Harry Potter, Miss Peregrines Home for Unusual Children, and so many more books show magic and make kids feel normal all around the world. So there is really no definite answer to this question. However, one question about magic always seems [...]