Parents hold a soft spot in almost every child's heart, sometimes it's not for the right reason though. There are millions or children around the world out in foster care or who have abusive parents. Children like these do have a soft spot for there parents, but sometimes it's more like an empty hole  parents [...]


Educate me.

What am I being taught?  We are being taught what, not why. I am being taught what, not how. We are being taught what to learn but not why we are learning it. You can judge the way I memorize information and how I regurgitate it onto tests. However you cannot judge the way I [...]


Without a loser, there can never be a winner. However saddening, life-ruining or causally losing may be, it happens to everyone. It sucks. It really does. Some people tend to do it in more dramatic ways than others, but there is always some sort of loss everyone has taken in life.  Honestly, to lose is [...]



Hi guys!! I know it's been a long time since I updated, but I have had a very eventful month so far, and haven't found the time to write anything. Now that I lie here, sick in bed, I finally have time!   To begin, I would just like to point out how our nation [...]



Winning is an amazing experience, we're you feel as if all in the world is right and the stars have aligned in your favor, especially when you win something important. But if there is a winner, there also must be a loser. It sucks to lose. It feels like the universe itself came out to [...]


What Makes You Live?

I was watching T.V. when this question was asked during a commercial. It wasn't any specia commercial that really stood out to me, because it was for medicine, and frankly, I don't care. But then, they said, what makes you live?  And I looked around the room. And I was like, cool blogging idea. So, [...]


What Have I Done? 

I've ruined my life. I've been to prison. I never graduated. My life is over. I can't do this anymore. I don't want to suffer any longer. I don't have friends. Im failing my classes. I'm a disappointment. I can't.  Too many people in this world "ruin their lives". They do something, which is different [...]