Educate me.

What am I being taught?  We are being taught what, not why. I am being taught what, not how. We are being taught what to learn but not why we are learning it. You can judge the way I memorize information and how I regurgitate it onto tests. However you cannot judge the way I [...]



I have not had any time to post because of school, so I'm going to explain why this shouldn't happen.  The term well-rounded is supposed to describe a kid who balances all aspects of their life including things such as; sleeping, being social, eating, going to school and completing homework, sports, extra curricular activities and [...]

My Shoulder, My Choice.

Dress code has been controversial for a very long time. Why? It's because everyone thinks that it's the wearers fault that people get "distracted by their clothes. It's unfair and absolutely ridiculous to make girls or boys change because their outfit is supposedly distracting.  First off, if somebody's clothes distract you, that's your own fault. [...]