I think that a lot of people, when thy think of bullying, also think of suicide. I feel like lots of people don't know how serious suicide is. It's not something very passive and it's not weak, it's a desperate grab at happiness for someone who doesn't feel it anymore. It's something I never want [...]


Service. (1) 

At my school, I'm participating in a community service project, and I decided to incorporate my blog into the mix. I'm going to start posting things about anti-bullying just about every week, and if you can spread these posts around or send it to people who you think could benefit from it, please do. I [...]

What Makes You Live?

I was watching T.V. when this question was asked during a commercial. It wasn't any specia commercial that really stood out to me, because it was for medicine, and frankly, I don't care. But then, they said, what makes you live?  And I looked around the room. And I was like, cool blogging idea. So, [...]