Why America is Losing It. 

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are happening every single day. People need to get it OUT of their heads that all Muslim people are related to Isis. That's untrue. Just because they share a religion does not mean they share mentalities. In fact, most Muslim people hate Isis. Muslims are the main people who are being affected [...]


Educate me.

What am I being taught?  We are being taught what, not why. I am being taught what, not how. We are being taught what to learn but not why we are learning it. You can judge the way I memorize information and how I regurgitate it onto tests. However you cannot judge the way I [...]


Everybody in this world is different. They have different thoughts, perspectives, ideas and stories to tell. They all see things differently. No one person has been or ever will be the exact same as another.  Nobody will ever see somethings the same as another person and that is just a fact. Down to the very [...]